Why is so important to switch to a alcaline diet?

Everybody is talking about PH levels and you don’t know what that has to do with your general state of health? Say no more. This lines will fill you up with all the information you have to know about balancing normal levels of PH, what is an alkaline diet and if it is the best option there is out there.

How does PH affect my life?

The human body needs to maintain a pH in a narrow range, between 7.35 and 7.45, to function properly. This pH range provides the ideal working environment for the body’s fluids and tissues. Your stomach is acidic, about 3.5 on the pH scale, and it must remain so in order to break down food. Blood is mostly neutral—a characteristic that enables it to transport various substances around the body without affecting or reacting to them.

A PH that is not in that range can seriously affect your health. By consuming unhealthy food that form acid and help the spread of bacteria, you might experience one of these symptoms:

  • Obesity (we form fat cells which are rich in acids and they reach the vital organs)
  • Allergies (the absorption of undigested proteins is the most common cause for allergies)
  • Chronic fatigue (a tired body will produce more toxins which will reduce the ability to form new enzymes and hormones)
  • Cancer (it spreads in an acidic environment) just like many other diseases

What are the most acidic aliments?

You guessed it, sweets, alcohol, trans fats, meats, dairy, pizza, cola, biscuits, chips, white breads and pastas, refined foods, processed foods etc.

Of course, everybody is different – but most of us should aim to eat 70-80% alkaline forming foods and a maximum of 20-30% acid forming foods. There are plenty of alternatives out there so don’t worry.

How can I rebalance my PH?

A diet that is rich in alkaline food will bring back the normal level of PH that you need in your body to make it function properly.

This means that about 80% of your aliments have to be alkaline, and 20% have to be neutral or acidic. This way you will help your internal fluids to rebalance your PH and to get rid of the acid. Only after this proceed you will start feeling more healthy, you will start losing weight and your vitality level will go way up.

How to intensify the rebalancing process?

With a correct diet and a few other elements you can speed up the process of healing:

  • Detox your body
  • Hydrate
  • Add supplements to your diet

Bottom line: Supporting the pH-balancing claims of the alcaline diet, focusing on fruits, veggies, and healthy carbs can certainly promote wellness and prevent disease. Acid will not be your friend on the long run so you should take action as early as you can.


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