What to order when you go out for lunch

If you are a woman you will decide even harder on what you’ll have for lunch. This should not be transformed into an ordeal though. Lunch time is happy time!

If you didn’t have time to pack your lunch or you just didn’t know what to pack, going out it’s the only option you’re left with. Here are a few healthy ideas of how your plate should look like when you go out to eat lunch.

A salad

This is the most adored and ordered dish among women especially. A lot of them prefer the salad because it’s low calories and it’s easy to eat. Sometimes it is not filled with a lot of components so if you are looking for a salad make sure to add up avocado, beans, quinoa, asparagus, tuna, nuts and seeds.


Lunch time is soup time. At least that’s what I always believed and practiced. That is nothing more refreshing or easy to eat than this. You have a lot of healthy options to choose from, such as the classical vegetable soup, chicken soup or you can go for a more interesting combination such as: miso soup with tofu and cabbage, red lentil and carrot soup, spinach and watercress soup, roasted red pepper and tomato soup, beetroot and onion seed soup, broccoli and stilton soup or prawn and fennel soup if you love seafood.

A more interesting sandwich

Sandwiches are a common love among all people, and if in the menu is a grilled cheese sandwich we all know you wouldn’t resist. If your apetite will not let you choose a more creamy or vegetable oriented option, just ask for a few slices of your favorite vegies and herbs to be added to the mixture. You can ask for vegan cheese to even out the most healthy option too.

You are in a place that serves only fast-food. What’s your healthy choice?

We’ve all been there. You decide to go have lunch and the majority decides the best place is a fast-food. You can’t be the only one who doesn’t eat so you’ll have to choose something from there. But don’t panic! There are plenty of options. Just ask them to give you some salad, grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and any pickles they may have. Oh and fries are not an option! Don’t add dressing of any sort and just enjoy the raw vegetables and maybe a tea if they have such a thing.

Don’t forget that food is the appreciation you give to your body, and in order to respect your body, you have to give it the most of the natural, raw ingredients that can be found in nature.

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