What happens when you stop eating animal products

Going vegetarian has become a wide spread phenomenon and it sure has been on people’s mind a lot lately. Either you are doing it for your health or as a recommendation from a friend who has changed his/her life completely, there is only wonders that this process brings.

Here are 5 of the most important changes you’ll get through if you stop eating animal products:

  1. You lose weight

A plant based diet is proved to prevent diseases but most importantly it sheds pounds without having to watch what you are eating. Even if this is not the reason you go without eating animal products anymore, we can’t lie it is an undesirable aspect.

  1. You keep your heart healthy

Studies have compared vegetarians with non-vegetarians and have concluded that the latter have higher levels of cholesterol and saturated fat due to the consumption of meat and fish. Saturated fat is present in all meat and fish, while a vegan diet is devoid of any cholesterol and is low in saturated fat so it makes perfect sense that studies have consistently shown that when people switch to a plant-based diet, their cholesterol levels drop and their risk of heart disease goes down.

  1. You stay away from diabetes

Animal protein, especially red and processed meat, has been shown in study after study to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. In the Adventist population, omnivores have double the rate of diabetes compared with vegans, even accounting for differences in body weight.

In another study, there has been shown that an increasing red meat intake by more than just half a serving per day can bring up with 48 % the chances to risk a diabetes type 2.

  1. You get the right amount of protein

An omnivore may have more than 1.5 times the optimal amount of protein needed in his body. As many people would believe, the excess of protein does not bring muscles, but causes weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation or cancer, because it starts to get stored as fat.

A plant based diet gives you the perfect amount of protein, without having to take any supplements or track protein intake. Plus, the protein found in the whole plant foods protects you from many chronic diseases.

  1. You’ll change the way your genes work

Scientists have made the remarkable discovery that environmental and lifestyle factors can turn genes on and off. For example, the antioxidants and other nutrients we eat in whole plant foods can change gene expression to optimize how our cells repair damaged DNA.

A plant based diet can decrease the expression of cancer genes in men with low risk prostate cancer. It has been proven too that such a diet can lengthen our telomeres, which are the caps at the end of our chromosomes that keep our DNA stable. This can be explained by a more slow aging of the tissues and cells.

Supplement your diet with Organic Turmeric Curcumin with Organic Black Pepper for adding more antioxidants and anti-inflamatory properties. New studies showed that turmeric proved itself capable to compensate one of the plant-based diet’s most heavily debated shortcomings: DHA omega-3 fatty acid deficiency.

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