The ways you didn’t know turmeric benefits outweigh conventional medicine


Almost every spice that is used in cooking provides some health benefits, but turmeric tops the list. Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the main spice in the Indian dish curry, is also one of the most researched herb that has found positive impact in curing many health conditions even better than the prescribed medicine in many cases. Thus, this is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease.

What turmeric helps with

Turmeric can be used in dealing with great diseases and advanced health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, depression, arthritis, skin diseases and many others, clinical studies show. Turmeric curcumin has a great role in fighting difficult conditions that are more and more present in our lives. According to scientific studies, turmeric is a great help in suppressing both benign and malignant tumors. Thus, if this herb aids curing cancer, why doubt its properties?

Also, because curcumin is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing characteristics, a study conducted on 45 rheumatoid arthritis patients encouraged more human research to evaluate the amazing effects curcumin-rich plants like turmeric have on people suffering from different types of arthritis.

Arguably, the most powerful aspect of curcumin is its ability to control inflammation. Some studies’ results show that aspirin and ibuprofen are least effective, while curcumin is among the most effective anti-inflammatory compounds in the world. Diseases today such as cancer, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, high cholesterol and chronic pain can be the result of inflammation.

Turmeric curcumin, a strong healing compound

Turmeric benefits include so many healing properties that currently there are over ten thousand articles published proving turmeric benefits, especially one of its renowned healing compounds, curcumin. Turmeric curcumin, among other compounds puts this spice on top of the list as one of the most frequently mentioned medicinal herbs in all of science.

The dried root of the Curcuma longa plant, from which turmeric comes, is ground into the distinctive yellow turmeric powder. There are several chemical compounds found in turmeric, known as curcuminoids and powerful volatile oils, such as turmerone, atlantone and zingiberene. The active substance in turmeric, however, is curcumin. Anyhow, out if all its important and useful components, curcumin is most researched for its therapeutic values.

Turmeric curcumin in the form of supplements

If you want to use turmeric curcumin for your health, you need to know there are multiple forms turmeric curcumin can be found in, from turmeric curcumin capsules, to organic curcumin extract products. However, curcumin capsules or turmeric supplements vary in quality, strength, and purity. So, in choosing the best turmeric curcumin supplement, read the label carefully. The best curcumin capsules contain turmeric bioperine (black pepper extract) to its formulation because it increases the bioavailability of the Turmeric supplement by 2000%. The good thing is that there are already a lot of curcumin capsules available in the market. These supplements have enhanced curcumin in them, which means your body will be able to absorb them better and keep them where they’re needed for a longer time. Also, there are different turmeric extract products, which have the maximum curcumin concentration, for a miraculous effect.

Cooking with turmeric powder

If you prefer turmeric in its powder form, you can cook with it, just be sure to add some black pepper to the food. One of the easiest, fastest ways to get your daily turmeric is just to mix a small spoonful of the powder with some warm water, stir briskly, and drink. It surprisingly has a good taste, especially once you get used to it. If this way of consuming it is not appealing to you, sprinkle a spoonful or two on your cauliflower or broccoli, in your soups, seafood or meat. Almost any combination works with this amazingly tasty and healthy spice.

If you’re concerned about general health and want your body to function at full power, both now and many years from now, you should consider giving turmeric a try, because its miraculous properties have great effect on many conditions.

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