Fruits detox, vegetables rebuild

Let’s respect their individual role

Everything that means life gravitates around the notion of energy in all its forms of manifestation. And how nature did not create things randomly, but perhaps only with a purpose that we can’t understand, as it is the case with the foods we eat. Each has its own specific role and it is most effective for us to understand it and respect it.

No matter what you put on the Christmas table or in the sandwich you eat at noon, the anatomical truth remains: your body loves fruit, vegetables and nuts / raw seeds, and makes every effort to consume and use anything else you can think of as a delicacy.

Our bodies have their own cycles, thus we should try give it the things that fit best  for that time of day. This is the only truth you should take into consideration if you want to live a healthy, full of vitality life.

Fruits, with their high electrical charge and their soluble fiber, act as body cleansing agents, so we consume them during the detox period of the body, that is, until noon.

The brain and the nervous system have a maximum affinity for fruit fructose, the type of simple sugar with the largest electrical charge. Therefore, fruit consumption is recommended for increased clarity in thought and concentration. Also, with the large amount of soluble fiber that acts as sponges absorbing toxins in the intestines, fruits emphasize the morning detoxification of your body.

That is why fruits are recommended in the morning, until noon, in what quantity you want and whenever you want. And we do not squeeze the fruits, because we want to use them to their maximum potential.

On the other hand, vegetables, which have less electricity than fruits, abound with minerals and amino acids needed for the reconstruction of the body.

And when does the body repair and rebuild? At night, when you sleep.

When do we want to give the body quality bricks to replace damaged cells and tissues? When it is time to be repaired so, at night.

On the other hand, vegetables also have a higher amount of insoluble fiber than fruit, which are not so useful in the body. And then, what do we do with them? We squeeze them. We extract all that is most useful in them and throw away the mostly insoluble fibers, which are not so useful to us.

These bricks also need a binder, something to help the body put them in their place: these will be the fats. Raw, healthy ones, having multiple roles in the body, but consuming with measure.

That’s why in the evening we should drink cold pressed juices from vegetables (next to which we put a bit of fruit for taste), and then some healthy fats. Because we want to me stronger overnight.

The rules of your body are so simple that they seem hard to accept.

  • Morning: fruits
  • Lunch: eat whatever you like but in healthy combinations
  • Dinner: cold press juices from vegetables and healthy fats

But Nature is built with clear, uncomplicated rules, with an order of things and a logic in everything.

The same repetitive motto: it’s simple to be healthy, but it’s not easy.