The Best 5 band exercises for knee pain

Are you looking for more intense or effective exercises for your knee problems to go away? Look no further! The band technique is here to give a simple yet powerful method to reduce knee pain.

You don’t have to be an expert to conduct these moves and they will be as effective as the ones done by a specialist. With the use of resistance bands, perform these knee strengthening exercises to improve the strength of the specific muscles of the knee.

Note that if you are coming off a serious injury, you must ask advice from a specialist or just not perform these exercises if they cause even more pain.

There is no complicated equipment involved and once you are used to the level of these exercises you can increase the resistance band tension. Here are the 5 most effective moves you should try:

  1. Terminal knee extension

The terminal knee extension (TKE) is a partially bent position, opposed to the fully bent position. For this you have to fix a band to a stationary object, at one end, and at the other you put it around the back of your knee. Make certain moves of motion in this position. Once you step backwards tensioning the band you will create tension and your knee will come forward. Flex your quad and bring your heel down, straightening your leg.

  1. Stork Stance TKE

TKEs are exercises meant to strengthen the quadriceps muscles in your thighs as well as your shin muscles. The concept is the same as for the previous exercise, but this time you will keep your foot off the ground.

  1. Lying knee extension

This position is the first of the three ground-based resistance band movements in this series. You start by lying on your back, with a band wrapped around your ankle and holding your knee onto your chest. Extend your leg fully, have a 5 second pause and then repeat the movement.

  1. Lying hip extension

This is great for increasing the motion in the hip flexors, the ones that are responsible for knee pain. Begin lying on your back with the resistance band around your ankle and holding onto your knee to your chest. Slowly extend the knee until full extension and then go back to the start. Remember to press your leg out, and not up.

  1. Lying Glute Extension

With this one you will get tight glutes and you will surely get rid of that knee pain. All you have to do is lye faceup on the mat, with your left leg bent. Using the help of a resistance bend, pull your left leg as far over your right one and connect to this movement.

Don’t forget to be thorough in your every single move and make sure you do it correctly. You’ll see yourself waving good bye to your pain any time soon now.



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