Apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Apple vinegar is quite controversial. Some believe it could have beneficial effects on the figure, others say there is no such thing.

From a first glance on the vast internet we found apple vinegar to be used for thousands of years and recent studies show that it would have many benefits, among them the lowering of blood sugar and cholesterol. Hmm, exciting.
What is apple vinegar?

Apple vinegar is made by fermentation. Apples are cut or crushed, often combined with a yeast to help transform fruit sugar into alcohol. Then add bacteria to ferment the alcohol in acetic acid. Approximately 5-6% of apple vinegar is acetic acid.

Acetic acid has weight loss benefits

Acetic acid consists of a short chain of fatty acids which in the body is transformed into acetate and hydrogen.
Several studies on animals suggest that acetic acid from apple vinegar can lead to weight loss in various ways:
Lower the blood sugar level. In the study done on mice, acetic acid vinegar-of-apple-slimmingimproved the ability of the liver and muscles to absorb blood sugar.
Decreases insulin levels. In the same study, acetic acid reduced the glucagon insulin proportion, which could favor burning of fat.
Improves metabolism. Another study done on mice has shown that acetic acid favors the growth of an enzyme that helps burn fat and lowers fat and sugar production in the liver.
Reduces fat storage. When treating obese and diabetic acetic acid mice, they were protected from obesity and helped mice to reduce the amount of fat stored around the abdomen and the liver.
Burns fat. I’m pretty circumspect, but that’s what the study says (attention, done on animals).
Cuts hunger . Another study says apple vinegar cuts hunger by suppressing brain centers that control appetite.
Studies have been made on humans, not just on mice. In a study of 11 people who consumed apple vinegar along with a meal rich in carbohydrates, they had a 55% lower glycemic response after one hour of meal. They also eaten 200-275 calories less than the rest of the day.

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